Elastomer TPU and TPV


Polyurethane TPU

Cable TPU material, toughened, cold-resistant, temperature-resistant, fire-resistant TPU material. Pearlescent, fluorescent, UV-resistant TPU


TPV has wide hardness and excellent colorability, and is widely used in injection molding products such as tool handles, rubber lagging, toothbrush handles, luggage accessories, and sports equipment.


TPE material hardness 10-95A, suitable for handles, medical accessories, tougheners. Meter housings, power tools, kettle bottles


TPR is wear-resistant, high-strength, weather-resistant, aging-resistant, and chemical-resistant. Auto parts, electronic and electrical components, pipes, profiles, co-extrusion, sheets.


Super tough cold resistance, high tensile, high impact, chemical resistance. Mobile phone case, food container, chip packaging tube, mobile phone case, various appearance parts, OA electrical shell.


Mainly used for movable roof and other protective rubber strips, windshield rubber strips, etc. Dashboard and interior panel skin, airbag outer skin material.